Amco Gear provides a huge range of printing to their customers all over the world. At Amco Gear, we use dye sublimation printers handled by our professionally trained designers. At Amco Gear, we understand that it is nearly impossible to source and get the required colors. When our client has low minimums, at Amco Gear, we will make our customers feel a little different by providing them with every color they need. We use the correct procedure to carry out the process by following the rule of sublimation dying, like maintaining the optimum temperature and using the right fabric to end up with the best results.

Sports Uniforms are an essential Sports attire that is preferred by youth and children all around the globe.  There are several different kinds of Uniforms, as some are half sleeves shirts some are full sleeves shirts. Some consist of the round neck while some V-neck and also most unique tye-dye shirts etc. Sublimation printing, also known as dying, involves converting colors to the subject in the presence of heat. A heat press is required to transform the colors.