Amco Gear understands the importance of Cut and Sew in modern custom apparel manufacturing. Many clothing manufacturers in Pakistan provide printing on blanks and that limits the options for maximum customization. We at Amco Gear produce everything from scratch so you have a variety of options to customize from. Whenever a customer comes to us with a specific requirement, regardless of its customization, we produce everything from the scratch. We first understand the customer’s requirements, then suggest to him the best fabrics available in the market matching his requirement. Based upon his fabric selection, we suggest the best printing option, and the patterns are then created based upon the position of design. The fabric is then cut into panels for custom printing, custom embroidery, custom sublimation so that they could be stitched back together keeping the print positioning in mind.

Over the years, Amco Gear has provided tons of up-and-coming clothing & Fight Wear brands that were looking for a clothing manufacturer with the options to customize their products based upon their requirement through its cut and sew services. With a team of experts that are determined to find the best solutions for their customers, Amco Gear is booming and oozing with confidence in its strive for the best clothing manufacturer for the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world.