Who in the world does not like embroidery we at Amco Gear also offer our customers to impress the world by showcasing the embroidery work on their attire. As we are well aware of the fact that some people do not prefer embroidery direct on the fabric we also provide the service of making custom embroidery patches according to our customer’s desire.

Embroidery is a needle and thread craft used to embellish a piece of cloth. The trend of embroidery developed hundreds of years ago. Embroidery can be done in many different colors. Embroidery is preferred by women only and embroidered dresses are usually worn on formal occasions. There are several different types of embroideries done on a piece of cloth such as running stitch embroidery, backstitch embroidery, split stitch embroidery, stem stitch embroidery, herringbone stitch embroidery, embroidery patches, simple embroidery, and raised or 3D embroidery.

Embroidery Patches

the type of embroidery which is done over a patch of cloth and is attached to another cloth which is carried out by the female. This type of embroidery is quite easier as compared to the other types. The readymade embroidered patches are attached with thread on shirts. Patches may be of any theme. It could be a logo or a character etc. the manufacturers who offer custom patch embroidery enables the buyers to provide them with the patches so that could be attached to shirts or to provide manufacturers with the picture of the logo or design which is to be incorporated on a dress.

Simple Embroidery

It is a simple thread work on a piece of cloth. This type of embroidery is directly done over a piece of cloth or over a design. As far as custom simple embroidery is discussed, the manufacturers facilitate buyers by providing them an opportunity to provide their own designs for personalized embroidery patterns. This type of embroidery is preferred more as compared to others while on the other hand, it is economical too.

Raised Or 3D Embroidery

The type of embroidery is done to make exposed 3D designs. This type of embroidery is particularly done to make logos. The custom 3D embroidery requires the manufacturers to make the design offered by their customers. Raised or 3D embroidery gives a clear look to the piece of cloth and is loved by the customers as well. This type of embroidery is quite tough as compared to the other two types and is comparatively expensive as well. There are many cloth merchants and manufacturers who sell or make the clothes on their customer demand. Many of the customers prefer having their personalized designs. While most of the buyers require replicas of their favorite piece from their favorite brand.